White Shark Mix Underwater Scooter

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White Shark Mix Underwater Scooter

The world's smallest underwater scooter

The Whiteshark Mix is the world's smallest underwater scooter. This sea scooter is equipped with double propellers allowing speeds approaching 6 km/h. 

You can swim freely like a fish, no matter what size you are. The White Shark Mix underwater scooter has an ultra-silent mode of 50 dB which won't scare away underwater creatures.

The design of the dual propeller on this sea scooter can reduce flow resistance, allowing you to change direction easily in the water.

Key features of the White Shark Mix Sea Scooter:

    • Twin Propellers
    • Total thrust approximately 8 kg
    • Single thruster maximum power 260W
    • Zero torque
    • Zero buoyancy with buoyancy capsule
    • Able to dive to 40 metres
    • GoPro mount
    • Detachable 120 wh Li-Polymer battery
    • 1 Hour Battery Life
    • Less than 3 Hours Charging Time
    • Dimensions: 462.3 mm x 228.4 mm x 149.6 mm ( L x W x H)
    • Weight: 2.5 kg excluding battery
    • 12 months chassis warranty
    • 6 months battery warranty
  • See White Shark Mix in Action on You Tube: