Samsung SR10J5050 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Samsung SR10J5050 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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The Samsung robotic vacuum cleaner can do the cleaning for you !

The Samsung SR10J5050 robot vacuum cleaner features Samsung's exclusive Visionary Mapping™ Navigation System where the robot will work out for itself the paths to take to ensure you have a clean and dust free home. There are 5 cleaning modes so you can set the right level of cleaning for your needs.

The silent mode operation of the Samsung robot vacuum cleaner means that you will scarcely notice it is there. It's your silent cleaning partner.


  • Visionary Mapping™ Navigation System
  • Five cleaning modes: Auto/Spot/Max/Manual/Edge
  • Point Cleaning™
  • Silent Mode
  • Auto Docking
  • Noise Levels 70dBA
  • 1.5 Hours Battery Life
  • Dimensions:  355mm (W) x 93mm ( H)
  • Weight 3.6kg