Samsung M7 WAM750 Multi-Room Speaker

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Save on a Brand New Samsung WAM750 2 Way Multi Room Speaker System in Black from Deals King !

Play Music Seamlessly
Samsung's Multi Room Solution uses your existing home Wi-Fi network to wirelessly play music from different sources to great-sounding Samsung Multiroom Speakers.
 Place one in the kitchen, two in the living room and another in the bedroom and play the music stored on compatible smartphones, tablets and PCs to them all at the same time. 
Spread the sound to more rooms with Samsung MultiRoom Solution compatible Smart TVs, Soundbars and Home Theatre Systems, and control it all via an app downloaded to your compatible smartphone or tablet.
Samsung Wireless Audio Multi-room Speaker
* Premium Sound Quality
* 3-way, 5 Speaker in single enclosure
* Designed for Flexibility
* Zone Play / Party Play
* Spotify / TuneIn / Pandora / Deezer / 8tracks / Rdio Music Services
* Easy Setup 
* TV Sound Connect
* Wireless Audio Multi-room App Compatible
* Bluetooth / NFC
* Built-in Wi-Fi
* Ethernet Port
* AUX Input
* 1 Year Warranty