Samsung HW-MS650 3 Channel Sound Bar - Built In Woofer

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The Samsung HW-MS650 is a 3 channel sound bar with built-in woofer for extra bass sound.

Sound⁺ is simply beautiful. 

Samsung audio technologies deliver rich, room-filling home theatre sound without the need for a separate subwoofer. 

With a premium design and an elegant single mount option, Sound⁺ becomes one with your TV and brings your entire home cinema experience together like never before.

Sound that fills the room and moves every listener

Exclusive technologies blend advanced sound processing and precise speaker control to deliver just the right level of bass. 

Sound⁺ delivers all-around perfect sound, no matter where you are in the room thanks to Samsung’s Wide Range Tweeter.   

Don't just hear it. Feel it.

Distortion Cancelling technology predicts and cancels out distortion before it happens. Multi-speaker control increases the power and depth of bass by precisely coordinating the movement of each speaker. The result is richer, more detailed bass. 

Sound Quality:

  • 3Ch, Built-in woofer (bass as low as 40Hz)
  • 9 Speakers w/dedicated amps (3 Tweeters, 6 Woofers)
  • Center Speaker
  • Distortion Cancelling (for detailed bass)
  • Multi-speaker Control (for powerful bass)
  • Wide range Tweeter (for wider sound coverage)
  • High-Res Audio (96kHz/24bit)


  • Wi-Fi Streaming Music / Bluetooth 4.0
  • 4K Pass Through
  • Smart Sound Mode
  • One Remote


  • Surround Sound Ready work with Wireless Rear Kit (SWA-9000S) / Wireless Audio
  • Compatible with Sound+ Mount Kit

Brand New with Full Manufacturer's Warranty