Samsung SR10J9010UR Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Samsung SR10J9010 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Save on a brand new Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner at Deals King.The Samsung Powerbot SR10J9010UR is an evolution in home cleaning that conquers the limitations of conventional robot vacuums and sweeps up dust just like a broom.

The Samsung SR10J9010UR robot vacuum cleaner marks the start of a new generation in cleaning with its superior suction power. This is up to 60 times greater than conventional cleaners thanks to Samsung’s advanced Digital Inverter Technology.

The Samsung's enlarged brush covers a much wider area and this ensures a more thorough clean whilst the unique Cyclone Force technology reduces the risk of clogged filters to ensure the high performance lasts longer.

Features of the Samsung SR10J9010UR robot vacuum cleaner are:

  • Visionary Mapping™ Navigation System
  • Five cleaning modes: Auto/Spot/Max/Manual/Edge
  • Point Cleaning™
  • Silent Mode
  • Auto Docking
  • Noise Levels 70dBA
  • 2.5 Hours Battery Life
  • Dimensions:  362 mm (W) x 135 mm ( H)
  • Weight 4.3 kg