xiaomi mi hybrid earphones pro

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The Xiaomi Mi headphones bring high quality listening pleasure at an affordable price.


The graphene diaphragm in these earphones is a more powerful dual moving coil for sound that will move you.


  • Creating the metal sound chamber is a 20-step process that involves diamond cutting, CD engraving, drawing and anodizing a piece on aluminum. It is resistant to wear and discoloration even with prolonged use. Its ergonomic curves have been carefully conceptualized for utmost comfort, while looking polished and trendy.

  • CNC Technology - Integrated diamond cut finish with up to 0.01mm precision that creates a delicate touch.

  • Detailed CD pattern - Fine, detailed 0.14mm grains add a textured metallic lustre similar to CD discs.

  • Quality inspections - Each process is manually inspected to ensure components are smooth, textures are uniform, and champers are created consistently.

The wired remote comes with three sleek buttons for answering calls, music playback and volume adjustment. TPE material is used to reduce friction with clothing, preventing any annoying "stethoscope effect" or noise interference. Quality silicone ear buds are available in 3 sizes and angled in-ear design. Comfortable, anti-slip. 45 ° bevel ear, comfortable to wear.

  • Model:  Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Pro

  • Style: In-Ear

  • Weight: 17g

  • Product color: silver

  • Wire control function: Yes

  • Cable length: 1.25 m

  • Plug type: 3.5 mm

  • Rated power: 5mW

  • Speaker impedance: 32Ω

  • Headset sensitivity: 98dB

  • Frequency response range: 20-40000 Hz

  • Implementation of standards: Q / WMSX004-2016

  • Function: Noise Cancelling,Microphone

Note: When being used with iOS, the Volume +/- function does not operate.