New Lenovo tablets

Getting prepared for Christmas sales, Lenovo have announced a new range of tablets to be launched in September and November,

Lenovo have always enjoyed strong sales in the PC market for their notebooks, PCs and servers, but are still not a household name when it comes to home computing and consumer type products in general. This about to be launched range of tablets may be a strategic move to build up their brand image in the consumer arena as well as pick up sales in a market segment in which they haven't had a strong focus on.

These new affordable models will start from $99 and will go up against Apple’s recent ‘low-cost’ iPad, and and the new iPad Pro which may come out in September or October.

Lenovo's new tablets are known as the ‘E Series’ and will be followed by the ‘M10’ and ‘P10’ Android tablets in November. Lenovo claim that they are focused on entertainment for “nearly any budget.” and designed to meet the needs of the modern family.

  • Lenovo Tab E7: Released in September – $99 RRP
  • Lenovo Tab E8: Released in September – $149 RRP
  • Lenovo Tab E10: Due in November – $199 RRP
  • Lenovo Tab M10 in Polar White: Due in November – $349 RRP
  • Lenovo Tab P10 in Sparkling White: Due in November – $449 RRP

Deals King is looking forward to being able to offer great deals on these new Lenovo tablets as soon as they become available.


Lenovo P10 Tablet


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