LG's 2018 TV Range

Hot on the heels of Samsung’s new TV releases for the year, LG have announced details of their new range of 2018 TVs.
As the primary maker of most OLED TV panels, LG are positioning themselves as one of the key innovators in the TV market. Their 2018 TV range features artificial intelligence, voice activation and new AI chipsets.
LG’s high-end OLED TV uses a new AI processor that delivers fast image signal processing aimed at smoothing out the images being delivered to the screen. Colours are said to be more natural, and moving images appear crystal clear in comparison to year’s LG TV’s.
With AI functionality embedded in the sets, it is possible to speak directly into the LG TV remote control using LG’s new voice assistant technology. This is achieved by employing Natural Language Processing (NLP) to deliver intelligent voice-activated control.
Because all of LG’s 2018 TVs use LG’s WebOS platform for control, you can simply give the TV a command like “Start Netflix”, instead of having to scroll across the screen to find the right operation.
LG’s 2018 TV range starts from a low cost 32-inch HDTV at $699 and covers a comprehensive line up across different screen sizes right up to the ultra-premium 77-inch W8 OLED TV, which has a suggested retail price of $19,990.
Deals King will progressively range the new 2018 LG TV models as they become available.
Models and Recommended Retail Prices are:

LG 55” UK65 UHD TV $2,149
  • LG 50” UK65 UHD TV $1,649
  • LG 43” UK 65 UHD TV $1,399
  • LG 32” LK61 HD TV $699
  • LG 65” SK95 SUPER UHD TV $ 4,999
  • LG 65” SK85 SUPER UHD TV $4,799
  • LG 55” SK85 SUPER UHD TV $3,099
  • LG 65” SK80 SUPER UHD TV $4,199
  • LG 55” SK80 SUPER UHD TV $2,749
  • LG 65” UK75 SUPER UHD TV $3,599
  • LG 55” UK75 SUPER UHD TV $2,399
  • LG 49” UK75 SUPER UHD TV $1,899
  • LG 77” W8 OLED TV $19,990
  • LG 65” W8 OLED TV $9,999
  • LG 65” E8 OLED TV $7,699
  • LG 55” E8 OLED TV $4,999
  • LG 77” C8 OLED TV $14,990
  • LG 65” C8 OLED TV $6,399
  • LG 55” C8 OLED TV $4,099

See the LG TV Range:


LGs 2018 TV Range

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